Roswell Incident
I photographed the 75th anniversary celebration of the ´╗┐Roswell Incident in New Mexico. I had a blast exploring the convergence of ufologists, conspiracy theorists, aliens, and sci-fi nerds who traveled to hang out in the extreme heat.

A sweaty costumed alien during a parade
A person taking a picture of an alien torso statue
Two people posing for a portrait in downtown Roswell wearing alien glasses
People looking and pointing into the night sky
A sign showing the UFO festival schedule of speakers
Purple and orange alien stuffed animals on a rack
A boy posing with an alien for a photograph
A hand holding a UFO shaped sno cone
A dog in the alien costume contest
Port-a-potties in Roswell
Race runners in alien attire
Two people posing for a portrait in a collectibles booth
Crowds outside the Roswell convention center
A tall patriotic man being interviewed
People in downtown Roswell for the UFO festival
A mysterious dark camera image

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