Portrait photography (environmental and studio) in Denver, Colorado for magazines, nonprofits, advertising agencies, and corporate clients.

A portrait of Linda Alvarado in front of a large construction vehicle
A portrait of a male logger wearing pink holding wood
A portrait of a farmer holding corn
A headshot of a woman with sunlight on her face
A portrait of a man holding a drone wearing a headset
A portrait of a woman holding a stack of pink donuts boxes that covers her face
A businessman poses for a portrait in front of garden boxes
Chef Caroline Glover posing for a portrait at her restaurant
A scientist posing with her microscope
Steve Hughes eating a sausage
A portrait of Ralph and Celia Primo outside their shop, Primo's Donuts
EMT students pose for a portrait in their clssroom
A portrait of Steve Rendle in front of a Smartwool display
A portrait of a farmer gathering produce at dawn
A portrait of a man with a dolly in a warehouse
A portrait of an incarcerated woman playing a violin
A portrait of chef Brother Luck in his restaurant
Welding students wearing safety equipment pose for a portrait
A portrait of a woman in a meeting room in golden light
A portrait of a man holding a bonsai plant
A man standing atop his former home
A portrait of a bicycle racer on a dry grassy hill
A portrait of two young men wearing mattress costumes
Quantinuum CEO Tony Uttley posing for a portrait in front of computer screens
A portrait of Jason Shogren at sunset in front of rocks
A portrait of a man with hands adjusting his hair
A skiier with a fanny pack posing for a portrait
A portrait of congressman Joe Neguse near a wildfire burn
A portrait of two fishermen on a foggy morning
A man in a hard hat throwing a large tumbleweed
A portrait of a young farmer as the sun rises
Portrait of a woman in front of a server cluster inside the Cheyenne supercomputer
A portrait of a man in a brown jumpsuit
A portrait of an elderly woman in the mountains at sunset

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