Mushroom Festival (Travel + Leisure)
Photographs of the annual Telluride Mushroom Festival in western Colorado. "Food, nature, or drugs. Everyone who comes likes at least one of those." is how it was explained to me by an avid attendee. I learned how to forage for chanterelles, a gift I am so grateful to have received.

Costumed people walking in the parade at the Telluride Mushroom Festival
Hands reaching for a mushroom
A man studying a large puffball mushroom
A boy holding a punny mushroom sign
A woman with a mushroom hat
A woman foraging for mushrooms
A hand holding mushrooms
A hand holding a mushroom
A person looking at a map
A full body inky cap mushroom costume
Various mushrooms on a colorful blanket
Two mushroom hunters holding buckets
Mushroom jewelry on an orange cloth
A picnic basket in the Telluride wilderness
A truck decorated to look like a mushroom
A man in a mushroom hat hiding behind a plant
A group costume package of mushrooms
Children making a mushroom craft project
Chanterelle mushrooms in a basket
Ceramic mushrooms under a tent
A woman with a basket foraging in the wilderness near Telluride
A man with a hat holding mushrooms in the air

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