Replica Fossil Makers (Popular Science)
Gaston Designs, one of the world's foremost makers of fossil replicas, photographed in Fruita, Colorado. Rob Gaston (who has a dinosaur named after him!) and his team collaborate with museums and collectors around the world to create molds from original fossils and then reproduce the skeletons of these prehistoric creatures.

A portrait of Rob Gaston with his fossil replicas (vertical)
The Gaston Designs fossil replica studio
Replica fossils in a trash can
Hands detailing a replica fossil skull
A man pouring replica fossil molds
A replica dunkleosteus head sitting on a table
A woman assembling a replica fossil skeleton
A hand reaching for replica bones
A fictional dinosaur's head
A hand drilling holes to assemble a replica fossil
Bones with an osteology guide
A screw in a replica fossil
Decor in the Gaston Designs studio
A replica skull on the floor
A portrait of Rob Gaston holding a fossil replica skull

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