Supercomputers for Climate Forecasting (The Wall Street Journal)
Photographs inside the Cheyenne supercomputer in Wyoming and of scientists at NREL, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in Boulder, Colorado.

Portrait of a woman in front of a server cluster inside the Cheyenne supercomputer
Red and blue power cables plugged in
Long-term data storage in the Cheyenne supercomputer
Open cabinets show racks of nodes in the Cheyenne supercomputer
A portrait of a scientist in front of a painted wall at NCAR
Power and fiber optic cables inside a server cluster
Large pipes for water cooling inside the Cheyenne supercomputer
The Cheyenne supercomputer data center in Wyoming
Switches and cables with steel braided wire pipes for water cooling
A rack of nodes inside a supercomputer
A floor cut out to demonstrate conduits running beneath it
A portrait of a scientist outside of NCAR
White flooring and vents inside the Cheyenne supercomputer
Network switches in front of an orange wall
A technician standing inside the Cheyenne supercomputer

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