The Tumbleweed
Over nearly a decade I have photographed tumbleweeds in Colorado and across the American West. Pictures of tumbleweed storms - kind of like snowstorms - but also of the unique culture that has sprung up around this iconic western plant. Photographed using Portra film and my beloved Mamiya 6 camera.

A tumbleweed on the road
A woman clearing tumbleweeds off a Jeep
A house and cars covered in tumbleweeds
A house buried in tumbleweeds
A woman in a house with many tumbleweeds in the yard
A tumbleweed decorated as a ghost
A boy holding a spooky decorated tumbleweed
Tumbleweeds being grown in a laboratory at CSU
A painted red tumbleweed in a warehouse
A tumbleweed at a truck stop with a fire hydrant
A woman clearing an enormous pile of tumbleweeds next to a red barn
A man with a shovel in front of a pile of tumbleweeds
A hand picking green tumbleweeds
A man exiting a tumbleweed arch
A man in a hard hat throwing a large tumbleweed
The Tumblelog
A man and dog outside a church covered with tumbleweeds
A tumbleweed atop filing cabinets
A batting cage filled with tumbleweeds
Green tumbleweeds in a sink
A spherical tensegrity rolling robot
A controlled burn of tumbleweeds
A large machine grinding tumbleweeds
Two tumbleweeds in a field
A woman holding a huge tumbleweed
Tumbleweed products in jars
Workers building a tumbleweed Christmas tree
A tumbleweed snowman next to the highway
Tumbleweeds in garbage cans

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