Beloved Donuts (National Geographic Traveler, TIME, CNN)     
A love letter to the donut. My ongoing project photographing restaurants, chefs, culture, and consumption in Los Angeles.

Cars driving past the immense Donut King II building, which is shaped like a donut.
People laughing while sharing a box of donuts
A hand applying bright purple glitter to donuts
A portrait of a woman holding a stack of pink donuts boxes that covers her face
A girl eating an enormous donut
Children lifting donut weights
A statue of Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons
Many coffee pots on a pink and yellow cabinet
Two donuts decorated as Cookie Monster and Elmo
A baker's hand cutting donuts out of dough
A baker preparing donuts with a large ball of dough
Customers looking at donuts in a glass case
Golden donuts frying in bubbly oil
A view into the drive-thru tunnel of The Donut Hole
A portrait of Jenny and Bruce Bu in their donut shop
A man with big hair sitting next to a yellow wall with his coffee
A headshot portrait of Jim Nakano
A pink wall and empty display case
A portrait of Ralph and Celia Primo outside their shop, Primo's Donuts
An ATM at a donut shop with winning lottery tickets on the wall behind it
A skateboarder skates past a donut mural
People socializing outside a donut shop
A hand opening the door to a Dunkin' Donuts
A collage of donut storefronts
Donut keychains on a display stand
Colorful decorated donuts on a pegboard
A California license plate that reads 'DONVT'
Two young women posing for a portrait in front of a wall adorned with giant photos of donuts
Pink donut boxes on a pink tablecloth
Hands passing a bag into a car
Two customers posing for a portrait in front of a Quality Over Quantity sign in a donut shop
A portrait of a donut baker showing oil burns on his arms
Gloved hands preparing decorated unicorn donuts
A woman presents a man with a medal shaped like a donut
Four people sitting in a brightly colored donut shop.
Two people taking a selfie in front of a huge donut monster statue
A discarded donut on the road
An airplane flying past Randy's Donuts
A picture of donuts hanging on a yellow wall

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