The Joys of Summer Camp (The Y)
Marketing imagery photographed at summer camps.  These pictures of real campers were used for advertising and brochures.

Smiling campers celebrate by raising their hands
A counselor creates a fizzy science experiment with four campers
A counselor uses binoculars with a camper
A boy smiles while brushing his teeth
Two campers hold balloon rockets that they made
A group of young girls lifts a large log
A counselor fist bumps a camper exiting a school bus
A line of children in the woods
Campers play dodgeball with a counselor
A camper wearing a helmet climbs a challenge wall
A counselor and two campers wearing backpacks examine a map
A camper and a counselor examine a pinecone
Smiling students make friendship bracelets with a counselor
Campers run and play tag outside
A cabin in the woods decorated with flags
A counselor and camper perform a skit onstage
A hand holding small fresh strawberries
A girl looks at an orange peeled by her counselor
A group of kayakers on open water
A counselor and camper look for fish in a net at a lake
Silhouetted children jump off a dock at sunset

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